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“EAT BY” Labels

New RHINOPAC “Eat By” labels: Because due diligence is the only defence!

RHINOPAC introduce “Eat By” labels, a major advance in kitchen labelling for chilled products produced “in-house”.

A higher and safer standard!
RHINOPAC “Eat By” labels effectively raise the level of inventory control to a higher and safer standard. The labels are designed for recording the date of production or decanting, the type of product being stored, the signature of the chef responsible and most important – the “Eat By” date.

The need for more precise labelling
Commenting on the need for more precise labelling, John Derwent of the Derwent Safety Group who has expressed doubts about labelling standards of “in house” chilled products says:

“New RHINOPAC “Eat By” self adhesive labels are clear and simple and have two advantages. First: one week cannot be confused with the next as a clear “Eat By” date has to be written down. Second: the “Eat By” label completely disappears when the food container is washed and sanitised. No residue from previous labels are noted, creating poor first impressions.”

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