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The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology

The Society of
Food Hygiene Technology

Food Safety Products

RHINOPAC provides essential control systems for professional caterers.

RHINOPAC offers you two proven food safety product ranges to help the fight for safety in your hygiene conscious kitchen.

Both are efficient, inexpensive, easy to use and fit seamlessly into your safety regime.

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SAMPLEX - Take samples as a routine safety regime sep KITCHEN ‘USE BY’ Labels Label for reliable storage sep New RHINOPAC “EAT BY” labels: a major advance in kitchen labelling
With SAMPLEX you can operate a proactive and diligent food hygiene policy by setting up and easily maintaining a routine programme of wide spectrum microbiological testing of your prepared food. Labelling is an essential routine for kitchen hygiene and food safety. KITCHEN ‘USE BY’ LABELS from RHINOPAC are a reliable and inexpensive solution. Our labels are the choice of chefs in many of Britain’s top professional kitchens. New RHINOPAC “Eat By” labels: Because due diligence is the only defence!
RHINOPAC introduce “Eat By” labels, a major advance in kitchen labelling for chilled products produced “in-house”.
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