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SAMPLEX Food Sampling System in 100gm and 200gm sizes help you to operate a proactive and diligent food hygiene policy.

SAMPLEX allows you to sample batches of prepared food at a few pence per sample. These can be clearly identified on the write on panels, and then refrigerated or frozen for possible microbiological analysis.

Larger food samples are required by the laboratories who conduct the wider range of proactive testing required to detect major pathogens including Ecoli 0157, Listeria, Salmonella and Brassilis Cereus. The samples can also provide hygiene indicators, within permitted limits, for coliforms and Ecoli organisms.


100gm pouches - 2000 per case.
£50.50 per 1000 (ex VAT)

20 compartment storage trays
30cm x 40cm £36.99 (ex VAT)

50 compartment storage trays
40cm x 60cm £54.00 (ex VAT)


200gm pouches - 1000 per case.
£76.00 (ex VAT)

24 compartment storage trays
40cm x 60cm £68.00 (ex VAT)


SAMPLEX pouches are made from ‘food grade’ polythene in conditions which comply with:

Safety Of Food Contacts Regs. Part B: UK-FI-3145 1992
EC Directive 90-/128/-EEC + amendments
USA FDA Regs. 21CRF 177. 1520 Polyolefins

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