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The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology

The Society of
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Vacuum packing Systems

Vacuum packing is essential in the restaurant kitchen

The main purpose of vacuum packing is to extend the safe shelf life of main ingredients in a convenient form for immediate service.

Organisms - which are present in all fresh foods - can't develop in vacuum sealed packs stored at chill ... and oxidation and dehydration are also prevented.
Hygiene is further improved by eliminating cross contamination, airborne infection and staff handling hazards.
Finally, when items are packed in service portions your mis en place routine will be further enhanced.

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  • Hygienic protection
  • Elimination of waste
  • Preservation of quality
  • Mis en Place

sturdy and reliable

minimum maintenance

digital control

Vacuum Packer

(Pricing available on request)
Vacuum Packer

£1795 (ex VAT)

Rhinovac Storage Pouches for vacuum storage
top quality nylon / polythene laminate
Rhinoflex Pouches for boilable & Sous Vide
top quality high temperature nylon/polythene laminate
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